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Change Log

R111   13/04/2021

Main focus in the release put on correction of multiple issues in C.impl.

PS/2 keyboard functions revamped to provide support for input of extended character set. Some characters in the built-in font were also edited for better appearance and clarity.

Optimised country layout codes.

Expanded settings structure to include validity checksum, and also tab width and console page size. Settings from previous versions will revert back to default after first run.


R110   03/04/2021

Graphic resolution reverted back to 480x320 pixels with a view to ensure support for a future LCD-based mobile version. Monitors set for a previous version of the software, may need readjustment.

Text resolution changed from 60x27 characters, to 80x29 characters.

Default system font footprint changed from 8x12 pixels to 6x11 pixels.

Source file tree reorganised and optimised with multiple small improvements.

Support for #pragma options removed and replaced by new functions and new RIDE commands.

Keyboard layout and break code set by environment commands have permanent effect; the corresponding functions in <platform.h> stick to volatile model.

Fixed issues with memory allocation in copy/move operations in RIDE.

Errata note for rL2 PCB:

The component model for OSC1 should be read as MXO45HSLV-3C-20M000000


R102   26/03/2021

Fixed bug in getRect() to prevent the screen area being cleared during the process.

Startup process first checks for existence of “IFS:/autorun” and if one is not found, checks for an alternative in “SD1:/autorun”.

Introduced support for USB console (in systems with PIC32MX270 only).


R101   18/03/2021

Graphic functions getRect() and putRect() and function constants.

Improved operation in console mode.


R100   16/03/2021

First “final” release.

Added support for serial console with protocol 38400/8N1.

Presence of connected video monitor is tested and the processor freed from video-supporting tasks in case a monitor is not detected.

Percentage fill colours.


R1c   06/03/2021

Candidate release.

Default video resolution (video mode 0) changed from 480x320 to 480x324 for better utilisation of RAM and accurate text alignment on screen.


R1b   28/02/2021

Beta release.

Hardware files and schematic updated to revert back to signal output voltage clipping. Added new components R4 and D1 in the BOM.

Added support for SPI and PIC32’s I/O ports.

Introduced timed interrupts.


R1a   25/02/2021

Initial alpha release.