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File Operations

RIDE supports basic file operations such as listing a directory of files, making and removing directories, copying, deleting, and renaming files, as well as formatting a new drive (the command ‘./init’). The file system used is FAT16 or FAT32, depending on the size of the drive, and file names are in 8.3 character format.

File commands support wildcards ‘?’ and ‘*’. For grouping more than one file in an operation. For example:

A command ‘./ren C*.C, D*.C’ will rename all files whose name starts with ‘C’ and have file extension .C, to the same file name but starting with ‘D’, instead.

A command ‘./dir TEST??3.TXT’ will list only the files with extension .TXT whose name starts with ‘TEST’, have two other letters, and then finishes with ‘3’.

Additionally, RIDE includes commands to list the content of files in text or hexadecimal form.