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These functions are the low-level layer for a video output. They ensure initialisation of a video mode, and read/write of a single pixel on the screen.

void initVideo(int mode)

Initialise video mode. ELLO 1A only supports video mode 0 (480x320, mono). Any value other than 0 in the parameter, may cause unpredicted behaviour in ELLO 1A.


int getVmode(void)

Return the current active video mode.


int Hres(void)

int Vres(void)

Return the video screen horizontal and vertical resolution in number of pixels, or -1 in case the screen is does not support graphics.


void clearScreen(int colour)

Fill the entire screen with a given colour.


int getPixel(int x, int y)

void setPixel(int x, int y, int c)

Read and return the colour of, or set a single pixel on the screen at coordinates (x,y) in colour (c).